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I just spent over 30 minutes writing a post about the new Automattic Support Network. The draft goes down to where the Google image is so it’s not short. If I still like it in the morning I’ll click Publish. Don’t hold your breath though – it’s not happened yet. Write > Publish. That’s the way I blog. It’s all good stuff, maybe too much ‘me’ in it though. That’s why you won’t see it 🙂

In better news, J has finally convinced me that a new computer is in order. For me that is 🙂 (which is no mean feat on her part. I’ll want shiny new gadgets but actually buying them is a very rare event). So rather than wander in to the local PC World and say “Hey, you look smart in that blue shirt, you really must know your athlons from your celerons, so which machine should I purchase from you this fine morning?” I’ve scribbled a bit of an email and sent it toward Sheffield for some advice from Steve. So long as I can have full size, hi-res Baldur’s Gate 2 running on one monitor and web apps open on the other I’ll be happy. Can’t be too hard eh? 🙂

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