I don’t use all of them all of the time but I do use all of them sometimes which is why I started with Gaim, played with Trillian and then moved to Miranda. When it works, I like Miranda. It’s a b*stard to get working and looking how I want – and I’m not being all special about it – and it’s a b*stard to find the files, navigate the forums etc. Open source maybe.
I’m trying to block someone on AIM. Using AIM I have blocked them. Using AIM Express I have blocked them. Something somewhere is screwing up because they still get through. Fine, okay I’ll try another way. Get Miranda to stay on top of everything and as soon as I see this contact block them from there. I ain’t stupid and I can see the “Stay on Top” checkbox and I can also see it doesn’t damn well work. I tried and tried and tried. WHY will it no do something so simple? I’d go to their forums to try and find out but I’d lose the will to live. Here’s an idea – an IM client that has NO smilies AT ALL and they can’t be hacked in either! And it filters for all that ^_^ nonsense too.
Trillian. It’s $25. If it works, I’ll buy the thing and be rid of the ‘nice it if did what it said’ Miranda. YMMV 🙂

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