The router arrived this afternoon. Unfortunately the modem took exception to it – and died. Got one on eBay so by the end of the week I should have a newer – and better – connection. Left netstumbler running for ages this morning as I was hoping for a comparison. Checking back showed another connection had appeared and disappeared twice. Solid signal too. Encode the router? Too much work 🙂 I’d love to know what it was. (If you could see where I live you’d agree about the open wifi.)

As I’m planning on a new machine, I went over to Alienware to have a drool. (I actually only went there because I’d gone to Metacritic to check some game reviews then went to Game to check dates then seen the link to Alienware and then thought “New Shiny Computer!”. Like you do.) So, great laptops that make mine look like a breeze block and I tricked out one of their desktops. £4.495.55 (that included my £150 instant rebate! Bargain! I bet it would still take ages to open Open Office 🙂 Needless to say – and pretty much like everyone on the planet – that’s way too expensive …. but what would you do with it? Are there even apps which would make it break into a sweat? If so, why buy code that you have to factor in a £4.5K machine for? Ah well, it’ll make another Dell look like a bargain 🙂 (Just realised – I bet that price doesn’t include the dual 21″ screens…)

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  1. Ahhhh Alienware. Overpriced rubbish. The 4.5k machine you get from Alienware can actually be self-built for less than half that. Youre paying for the name and the ugly case it comes in, unfortunately. Why not build your own? Need any help, Im always available.

  2. How do I get my email address off this website? I looked at some photos called “The Walk” and made a comment to the person who submitted them, saying I enjoyed the work and so forth. I included my email address, not realizing it was going to appear under every single photo in the group. Please have the person in charge of this website remove my name and email address from all the photos–then notify me via email that this has been done. I do not want my email posted on the internet.

  3. Made me laugh too… and I saw that mailbox first. Saw the comment, figured it was spam and nuked it – and then came to this mailbox.
    And email ? Not a chance – I’m not having my email floating around the internet! 🙂

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