Just do what you say

That post below about Misco. It’s about them not doing what they say.
Winston has had a lot of treatment from the vet over the last couple of months and it cost on exces of £400 which we didn’t just have lying around. The vet sent off the insurance (PetPlan) and assured us we would get a cheque fairly soon. After a week J rang and they said it was in the post. 3 days later – they would put it in the post that day. 3 days after that – it was being processed. J pointed our their policy terms and what PetPlan said they would do in their literature. She had to tell them where to look – their staff did not even know their own company policy. In the end, J got the cheque. Winston’s insurance has been moved to another company and PetPlan have had a furious letter written to them. And all because someone didn’t say the truth.
Had the system at Misco said “It’s Friday. We can’t get it to you until Monday at the earliest which will cost £9 or you could rely on the normal post, which would you prefer” then I – the customer – could have made an informed choice. Fact is their website does not say that clearly – it is there for my benefit I assume – and neither do their staff as I had cause to speak to them yesterday too. It comes down to this – do I want to buy from them again? No. They did not do as they said. I should not be forced into reading the small print when competitors do a better job.

Virtually all the battles we have had with companies are because people were not honest.
Be honest. I can cope with that. Tell me how it is, apologise if that is appropriate and then deliver to your word. Do that and I’ll be back. I’ll be happy, I’ll trust you. Do it often enough and I’ll forgive the odd slip. But screw around the first time and you’ve blown it. Why should I believe anything the second time?

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  1. You don’t sound happy in anyway, why o why are you at the top of the Google pages when someone types in a question about being happy. By all means I understand what you are saying, however that seems to be the very nature of business these days, company or corporation. The main thing is that Winston makes you happy. So fuck Petplan give Winston a hug, its only money.

    much love


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