It is not the next day

Misco. £3 for regular delivery where they will drop it in the post that evening. £9 for Next Day delivery where they drop it in a truck that evening. Did their system throw a note at me saying “Hey, it’s Friday – you can’t have it til Monday” ? Did it bollocks. They may not work Saturdays but City Link do. It’s been in their warehouse since 4:47 this morning. Can I have it? Not a chance. For most of City Link it’s just a regular day and their staff will be on shifts – so why in hell can’t Misco say “Hey, we are complete scammers and are out to rip you for a few quid because we can”. This ‘working day’ IS a piece of crap. We probably only keep it because if the Govt tried to drop that label the TUC would throw a pink fit, the GWB would threaten to pull their funds and Len Murray would spin in his grave. Saturday IS a working day – that’s why shops are open, why call centres are open and why pretty much everywhere is open – except banks but they deserve a special thrashing in another post.
It seems to me that Misco are either using a system so basic it can’t do a Day of the Week note for customers or that they really are scamming.

Misco – we deliver. Eventually.

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