– flawless

I blogged last Sunday that I had ordered these crazy agate plugs from From the US to central UK in 5 days from order placing and me wearing them. That alone is good. But these plugs….

Of all the plugs / tunnels I seen or worn these rise way above them. They are perfect. Perfectly carved, perfectly finished, gorgeous patterns and colours which show that care and attention has gone into them from the start – they cannot be identical but they are most certainly from the same chunk of agate given a certain patch of colouring / pattern. They feel fabulous to to touch, they are fabulous just to look at and when worn they look damn fantastic as well.

These are the sort of plugs it’s worth stretching your ears for. Nothing is even on the same scale. These are ‘wooooow’ grade material. And for only $45.00 – fabulous.

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