Leaning candles

Router is almost certainly dodgy. Fan on full and router is cool. Took me ~20 minutes to get the router to connect. It said it was connected and I could open Bon Echo to but it would not let me ping anywhere. Hard reset again. While redoing the details I was get instant content to the router (less than a second) or I’d wait up to 10 seconds. I played with the channel used and got the same behaviour over some but slower over others. So I’m blaming the router. But can I find someone that takes paypal? Hell no. Not yet. I have time to look today though…..

Bon Echo – I know it’s alpha and I’m not complaining but it’s bugging out on me loads in the last week. I’ll have to go through the extensions and see which were the last two or three I added. Scrolling marques screw it every time It will also start as a process and just sit there consuming 23mb but doing nothing visible. Three fingers – stop – restart sometimes works..

And Thunderbird can do the multiple ID’s that I need – excellent.

J’s at a friend’s all day. P is at school. D might be going out – would you believe I had to show her how to use the washing machine? She’s 15! Genetics should have kicked in by now 😉 – so the place is mine. All mine 🙂 – Actually, I’ve taken advantage already of J being out. A while ago she put a low curved bowl along from me and the computer. Had 3 chunky candles in and some smooth glass chunks / stone things. It was – from my pov – acceptable. Not great, but I could tolerate it. One of the candles moved and would not stay straight up. I tried to get it back but could not and succeeded instead to move another candle. Damn. Could I get them back? No damn way. Empty bowl. Stand candles in – doesn’t work because it’s curved. Crap. Put a few stones in, try the balance thing – no. Sling it all together and try one last time to get the candles to stand straight up. No dice. Pick the whole thing up. Move to another room. Place bowl, stones and candles on top of a high bookcase. Out of sight, out of mind. Fill now empty space with ‘male paraphernalia’. Relax 🙂

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