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I’ve phoned Zen enough, hard reset the damn thing often enough, changed MTU’s, changed another registry setting I’ve forgotten the name of and I still get deadness, timeouts and connection problems. So if it’s not the machine, the ISP or the line, it’s the (Belkin) router. That’ll be the one that gets very very hot despite having a lot of free space around it . Time for a new one. So I’m after recommendations.
I’m going to buy an Orinico card because that will ‘just work’ and should I decide to dip my digits into the world of Linux it’ll ‘just work’ there too. But a router. Linksys / Netgear are what appear to be good. Which should I get and what model? I know I could go to forums and websites but personal recs are so much better 🙂
(My first place I’ll start looking to buy will be ebay so while price is important hopefully I’ll save a few £ getting it from there).

Update: take Paypal so a Linksys package is now heading my way.

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  1. Hi Mark so you want a router. Would that be wireless or cable or both?
    I have been down the wireless route with Netgear. Utter crap IMHO avoid like the plague anything to do with netgear. So I went to Linksys and got the AG 041 ADSL Gateway with 4 port switch. As you know I am also a Zen customer and can highly recommend the AG 041. It works flawlessly and runs my 3 computer network with out a hitch.Brilliant it is.
    I guess the next or new model is the Linksys AG 241 here’s the link worth a look Mark. Good luck with it.

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