Big fishing

Apparently the pro-whaling Japan has dragged enough support to the table for whaling to possibly restart or at least be talked about in a more open-ended way.
If they weren’t killed with explosive harpoons and sliced and diced openly on the factory ships, would we care as much? I know people say that slaughterhouses are cruel, but so are fishing nets in that they suffocate fish. They are probably frozen or filleted while still alive – who knows? Captain Birdseye is hardly going to spill the beans on that one is he?
I know whales are big and that there are only a few, but there doesn’t seem to be the same sort of noise about other endangered sealife . Apart from fluffy seal cubs.
If they killed the whales in a more humane way, and if their ‘dismembering’ was done out of view, would support drop? Probably.

For what it’s worth, I have always thought that all fishing, for any reason whatsoever, is cruel. You want to eat fish? Lob some explosive in the water. At least that way they die suddenly instead of either being played around on a line or gasping for oxygen in a net with hundreds of others.

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