Scientology. Still dangerous

I bet Tom Cruise is just thrilled to be a member of this:

The wikipedia page on scientology is in itself weird – but click the History tab and follow the links to those that ‘repair vandalism’ or ‘make it read better’ or just ‘correct’. Read about those people. Mad beyond all measure.

There are few things that would cause me to intefere in the life of someone I know or in the lifes of my girls. This scientology crap is one.

And I just had an idea and acted on it. It’s playtime somewhere….

11 thoughts on “Scientology. Still dangerous

  1. Do you know what a Black belt in karate knows? Do you think you will get that knowledge from the media? What makes you think your going to know what the higher levels in Scientology is about? I’ve been in Scn 30 years, Trust me what I hear of Scientology in the media is Science Fiction, It is not what it is about. Trust me…

    [Spammy URL removed. Scientologist’s spam blogs too then. Puts you all one level below pondlife. Scientologist’s are mad f*ckers. Okay? – P.]

  2. If your BITTER, YOU will never get BETTER and IF your BETTER YOU will never get BITTER. Roy Masters

    The URL I used does not work. Some of these won’t except my blog with out one. My Blogs are usually Long, It only takes losing every thing one time, to put in an old URl. That leads to know where.
    Realistically, Does that make me lower than pond life or just smart?

    One makes a person or group wrong, when they have done a Non Survival Act against that person or group. Confessionals clean up your mind and takes the bitterness away, so you can see a person or group for what they really are… That is all Scientology is doing…

  3. I’ve yet to come across a legit .ws domain.

    Bitter? me? No – I just happen to think that scientologists are a dangerous bunch. It’s a cult and a dangerous one at that. It is an oppressive organisation that is closed to others, litigation happy, has killed those that seek to criticise.

    Closed by scientologists
    What they closed

    If you are here to defend your cult then help yourself. No-one that regularly reads this blog has anything but utter derision for your little gang of killers.

    And I’m not bitter – I happen to see the world a lot clearer than you because my view was not created by a drunk and drugged lunatic.

  4. HI Read the article and see who was the bad guy and who made sure the media knew about it, How would you react if someone wore a T shirt out in public saying your Dad or someone, you loved was gay when you knew they weren’t. How would you react?

    How would you react when you see all the lies spread by anti Scientologist groups all over the Web when every single article is absolutely flat out lies, yet people like you react to them as if they are true and Scientology is what they claim it to be. Well I know what Scientology really is, and I know what there is to be gained from it. I have been involved 30 years and I know what it is and what it isn’t.

    So you also find out about your Jewelry from a plumber? If your wise go to the source for accurate information. Ever play that game when you were a kid when you wispered something in someone’s ear and it went around a circle and back to you? One usually laughed at how distorted the saying that was started and how the message got at the end of the line. Simple example but how so true. That is why if you really want to know what something is, you have to be wise enough to go to the source,

    If you knew what Scientology was, I know you would be in it. You obviously have something to hide you don’t want to confront about your self. That is the only reason one doesn’t want to get better and why one has troubles in Scientology. One must be honest for Scientology processes to work. Those that hate Scientology, hate it because of an overt and so a withold they have that wasn’t disclosed or they hate it as they feel they can’t have it and or think they can’t afford it.

    Do you really think that if some one paid $5000 for one level and the next level cost $10,000 and they came up with the money to do that level, That Scientology black mailed them or something terrible for them to come up with the money to do the next? That’s what the media portrays and if you want to believe such Crap, it is your life, Me I know that if you ever had a few hours of auditing and you gained the wisdom of equivilent to living another 100 years in insight (Common Sense) and perception, There really is no money value that you can put on it. and you feel so very fortunate, to be living in a day and age, where yu can find out the truth of who you really are. The Truth will make you a God, Now is there a money value on that? If there is you simply just don’t know that is what Scientology is really doing for an individual. Really you are eternal, you don’t have to believe it, You can experience it for your self. In fact that is the only way your going to, as it is too incredible to hear.

  5. I’m Catholic and went to Catholic school all my life. But Catholicism is a cult just like Scietology and Kaballah and all the others out there. I wouldn’t start screaming at someone if they wore a shirt against Catholics and asking if they raped babies.

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