Getting ready

Two months today we’ll be sitting in Crete. It is at this time I start my checklist – I realised this while out walking Winston earlier. 8 weeks to get myself organised. J will do nearly everything else but I have to do the important bit which so far are: Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Camera, Zen.

Battery rechargers will be useful but I’m fairly sure that’s it. Books too. Bookmarks as well.
Talking of cameras, we’d built up a large collection of those disposable film cameras which turned up during the two house moves and have sat in a miserable pile in the kitchen. J got them developed – and wow are they old. There are pictures in there from 1998/2000 coming through to present day. My girls are so young!
So, camera. I was looking for a strap earlier because I hate neckstraps. Awkward things that make your neck sweat and the camera swings on unknown trajectories until it collides with something hard. I found a wrist strap which looked very nice indeed but it wasn’t until I was out that I realised my camera has two points for straps, not one. It has two D shaped lugs sticking out the sides so I’m thinking I shouldn’t really subject one of those to any undue stress in case of breakage. So it’s back to the camera strap hunt.

And my right hand hurts again so I think I really should only put in a half-day tomorrow.

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