Reading cards

Mario very kindly sent me a Multi-Card Reader/Writer which arrived this morning . It does just what I hoped. My broken Fuji camera used Smartmedia cards which I could not get information off. My Psion 5 used Compact Flash and the PSP and camera use SD cards. I have cables for the last two but a reader is quicker. So I’ve rescued images from the Smartmedia cards – not that many but photos of the girls and important, as is one of Winston when he really was small. And I also now am able to transfer data to and from the Psion. It’s my Infocom machine and when on holiday a way of keeping track of things. And playing Minesweeper. Though I can now go looking for more “cutting edge back in 1997 in a palmtop” software. I had a 3a before it and wrote a 10,000 word essay on it. Small keys. Small screen. But it worked. Linux for the 5 is available….why? Still, worth a look maybe.

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