Less is More

Seeing as colours have arrived in Real Life, I’ve pulled the rich hues that were here before. I was getting a bit fed up of them anyway. Back to tried and tested variations of grey. I like grey. Not too harsh, not too dark. This will sound like a joke but I actually wanted a really bright blue drop / drops / splash in the header. I found the splash but Paint Shop Pro couldn’t supply me with the blue. It probably can but as with all things graphic I am seriously lacking. Thanks for the image go to Christopher Potter. If the colours look too odd on a CRT let me know please?

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7 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. Grey (UK)
    Gray (US)
    Gray – the SI unit of the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation, corresponding to one joule per kilogram; named after English radiobiologist Louis H. Gray.

    Any more questions?

    I agree the header looks very good for the colour tones. I particularly like the transparency of the main splash body. The top splatters look a bit grainy, though. Looks like a crown, kind of.

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