Coffee saved my tshirt

From the Guardian: Drinking lots of coffee saves liver from alcohol damage. I wonder if that would explain my healthy liver despite the alcoholic batterings I gave it. I used to drink very very strong coffee – 2/3 teaspoons of coffee in a mug sveral times a day. So that combined with 20+ units of alcohol a day was the reason my GP was amazed when he opened the test result and said that my liver was indeed in perfect shape. That could almost be an argument for going back to the beer.

Tshirts. I own dozens. Loads of them. I was told that I always wear black, I was in the mood for some tidying so off I went. Threw out 5 I’ll never wear again. That left loads and loads still. Sorted all the black ones and put them in a different pile. That left me 6. Just six tshirts. Maybe they had a point about the black…. later in the shop buying some more colorful replacements J points at one and says “Only a real man can wear pink”. Heh – that psychology worked – I bought it. I prefer to call it ‘salmon’ in colour. When we got back D chimed in with the same refrain. I haven’t yet figured out when I’ll wear it. (When. not if).

And I’m bored with the colours on this theme.

4 thoughts on “Coffee saved my tshirt

  1. MBH tries constantly to get me to try other colours than black. Doesn’t matter that we’re not only talking about t-shirts here. Black is a very smart colour that goes with everything.

    So you’re a real man for getting a salmon t-shirt then? MBH has tried that ploy … I think I threatened to drop my pants right there in the shop to point out I have the physical attributes and didn’t need a t-shirt to prove it.

    Women like colours.

    Her last attempt was to get me into a lemon jumper…


    Can you imagine my response?

  2. Today I wear a vaguely burnt orange.
    But it’s a T, not a formal jumper / shirt. I’d NEVER wear a yellow jumper. Even for a bet I’d have trouble. Mental scarring possible.

    I don’t mind colours too much, but that’s for a different post.

    Long sleeves might be a problem soon enough….

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