More sensible sentencing

At long long last the Attorney General has said that child abusers are having too easy a time of it. It’s a long way short of what I would like to see happen but it’s a step toward that goal. And it’s yet another reason to broaden the experiences of life that those involved with criminal justice have. It needs more real people with real experiences. That’ll never happen of course because those that occupy the rarified air of the higher echelons in the judiciary would see that such events were denied but then until that happens we have judges like the one who allowed a man who attempted to rape a three-year-old girl to walk free after the accused said that he was “experimenting” and “got carried away”. The fact that the next sentence was only 42 months is bad but the original verdict beggers belief.
Paedophiles cannot be cured.
Paedophiles cannot be rehabilitated.
Paedophiles have no place in a society which values and seeks to protect children.
Paedophiles should be locked up and kept locked up.
If they cannot handle the responsibility of living in society then they forgo the right to live in that society.

Try it from this angle: Some people would say that it would be cruel and unjust to lock someone up for abusing and raping a child. IF you view that stance as being sensible, then is it any less cruel and unjust to allow them into a society where you are telling them – by virtue of wagging your finger at them – that they must not obey their base urges to again attack, abuse, rape and destroy a child? On the one hand you have removed them, removed the temptation and protected children. On the other you are asking someone to control their urges (which they failed to do once and we all know that after doing something once it’s easier the second time around) but you have put temptation in their way and you have put children at risk. Do you restrict the one or do you restrict the many? Do you deny one person a normal life by locking them up because of something they actually did, or do you deny some child a life because someone decides to rape them just because they are a child?

I completely fail to see why paedophiles have any place in society.

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  1. Stumbled across this while doing other things. Utterly and totally agree with what you have said here, it is completely consistent with the facts. Well said! Interesting aside; Sensible sentencing is the name of an organisation in New Zealand campaigning for sentences much along the lines of what you describe – I manage their website, hence my discovering this rather excellent blog entry 🙂

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