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That’s what I need. I’ve an irritating amount of fiddly small jobs that need doing so I need a list and the right mood. I’m writing this so hopefully I wake tomorrow ‘in that doing mood’.

Buddhism. I’ve been reading bits about/around Buddhism. I’m surprised about how much I disagree with it. This karma thing – does it last just the one lifetime or does it last more? The killing of other things – an absolute rule? It’s also strange that I’m seeking answers. No doubt I’ll forget all about this until someone pops in with a comment in the distant future.

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  1. I agree about the sitting still. ‘Time’ is when I’m out with the dog and I don’t realise just how far we have gone because I’m off in a world of my own. Works for me anyway 🙂

    I am not out to seek a label of a religion / following / belief system. I am comfortable with the ‘we are born, we live, we die’ status and I do not believe outside of that literal.
    I am also not out to shoehorn myself into a religion / following / belief system. I am not seeing to compromise my values (whatever they are because values are worthless until they are challenged and you realise they are worth something to you).
    And I also do not believe that in some way we ‘deserve’ what we get. Within the boundaries of society yes, we do have to conform and have sanctions placed upon us if we do not. But I have a problem with any belief system that would say my bipolar disorder was in some way due to karma / past life.
    I also accept that without drugs – medication – I would be very unwell indeed. A recent experiment in lowering a dose proved that beyond any doubt. I am chemically imbalanced and that seesaw needs leveling every night with several tablets.

    To get back to Buddhism.
    I looked at that because as far as I know that belief system is closer to mine than any others. It’s a system that has interested me for a long time. But would I ever call myself a ‘Buddhist’? No – I’m me. I think it’s impossible to put anyone into a box and those that do and those that are are – in my opinion – some of the most intellectually restricted people I have met. Closed thinking is no thinking.

    I’m with you. I think that it’s only people who have been pushed that far that do question themselves because in the end the answers come from deep within. Depression did that for me. Very hard knocks did it too.
    But I’m okay. And most of the time I’m happy being me.
    That’s important 🙂

  2. Ahhh so we are kindred spirits who both know how to get lost and are better for it. I thought we might be which is why I took the time and energy to share what I did. And I hope you didn’t think that I was saying don’t take your meds. I too have meds I must take. I believe that without doubt bipolar disorders are chemical imbalance that have nothing whatsoever to do with past lives if such lives do exist and I doubt that.

    I now think of the sum total of all life in the entire universe as a vast pool of consciousness which like energy cannot be created or destroyed it just is and it just keeps shape shifting (changing). I find the notion of my individual persona coming back as an ant, fish ,etc. beyond the boundaries of belief.

    IMO ideas like individual karmic burdens and the sins of the father visted on the sons are be fear based trash or “tat” (thanks for the word BTW) espoused by people who are determined to control others peole by oppressing and depressing them.

    I do however think that our species carries a burden of repeating the same mistakes generation after generation because we don’t recognize that each generation has a sacred responsibility to future generations.

    You have daughters and I’m sure that having them changes how you feel about what we ought to leave for them. I’m not saying that well but I think you get the gist.

    I’m glad your spirit found the path to getting lost with the dog. To me this is a form of meditation/illumination/soul food that I require. In fact, you could say I’m addicted to getting lost (shape shifting) at least once every day.

    Take good care of yourself, your true love and your girls and keep getting lost at least once every day, eh? tt

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