Opening old holes

Took D to have a side labret earlier. Uneventful really, we came home and she's headed off to friends for the weekend. She was saying that teachers at school aren't entirely happy with the piercings that are happening but they can do nothing. Apparently one teacher – when realising that D has her tongue pierced said "But D, I thought you were such a nice girl". So my daughter is some sort of lesser being for having a hole in her tongue. Good grief – I thought teachers should be building personalities not slashing them. Anyway, she had it done, she's happy and it cost nothing – always a bonus.
Big shock in the studio though. In the piercing room they've put up two large (metre square I think) images. Around the studio they have other huge images of work they've done but one of these in the piercing room caught my attention. It's me. A huge picture of my head. Showing 5 new piercings in one eyebrow, two in the other, a centre labret and side labret. It's a good sort of picture to have in a studio – but it would be so much better if it just wasn't me.
Anyway …. to get back to what I was going to write. I wondered if my side labrets were totally healed so I slide a taper through. Both were open. Not quite as open as to allow a gentle slide of the labret studs back into place but a shove here and there did the trick. I have no idea where the swollen lip came from 🙂 I have steel in my face for the first time in months. And looking at them it looks very very odd. It looks like a me from the past, a me that is not now. It feels uncomfortable in a physical sense for obvious reasons but it also feels uncomfortable because I know they are there. In that past chapter I felt uncomfortable when they were not there. If popping them in was some sort of experiment then it has paid off – I have moved on, changed, see myself differently, want others to see me differently. That last bit is important now. It was when I removed the metal before and it still is.

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