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Story this morning on Slashdot about Windows talking to Microsoft daily. I continue to try and track down just what is causing my system to run that tiny tiny fraction slower than I know it can go, so this made me look. HijackThis showed the process at startup, and HT removed it. Reboot. Process half comes back. One of the posts in that thread mentions renaming the guilty file which worked for me. I'm not surprised that the system talks elsewhere – some other parts probably do – but don't they realise that if someone wants a pirate version then they can get them without all this checking nonsense? It's like game publishers using Starforce – oddly enough Starforce won't be included in torrents. Wonder why..? And to think that somewhere in Microsoftland there will be evidence of when I switched my machine on this morning. What bothers me is that these remotely planted processes slow my machine – or at least do things that I don't know about. Anyway, removing the file / process made no speed difference. So my quest to make what is fast even faster continues. I don't want 'click – open' or 'click open', I want 'clickopen'. That fast. If not faster. It CAN be done, I've done it before – I just have no clue how 🙂

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  1. One thing I noticed, since you’re talking generally about speed improvements and you were the one who recommended Avast to me, is that Avast was really slowing my systems down. It turns out that when combined with my firewall, it causes issues. This is because my firewall creates logs, and Avast uses on-access protection. So every time I would do anything over the internet, Avast would spin up to sift through my ever-growing log file for viruses.

    This can be avoided entirely by adding the log file (or any frequently-accessed, virus-immune file) to Avast’s exclusions list. The computer now feels noticeably faster.

  2. That’s where I don’t have a problem as I use the router firewall so no logs here. I’ve switched Avast off for the day here to see what’s what.
    To get things nippy already though I follow Black Viper’s guide at Majorgeeks, I also use HijackThis and Startup Manager to check for boot events and hooks from other programs, I’ve just made a registry tweak which has REALLY speeded up line speed – Registry link, a printer sharing setting has been switched off…..
    This machine is easily the fastest I have access to – I just want it to be faster 🙂

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