No. It might mean Yes. If you are a man.

RAPISTS will receive lighter jail sentences if their victims withdraw their consent to sex at the last minute,

So a ‘No’ could be a ‘Yes’ then?
A woman’s right to not be violated has just been violated because a man knows he can use a new defence of “I didn’t think she meant it”.
Female judges – that’s what is needed. More women in high office with actual power rather than grinning idiots as barristers out to cheat the legal system.

I am amazed at this:
– I meet woman in pub. We leave, I drag her into bushes and rape her.
– I meet woman in pub. We leave, we get to her home and as she opens the door I push her in and rape her.
Potentially one of those gets a lesser sentence. But why? The woman is still hurt isn’t she? He still refused to hear the word ‘No’ and instead violated another.

This new ruling maybe says more about the males that wrote it.

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