Got up really tired because the dog woke me early. Came online to find an email which annoyed me. As did another, as did something somewhere else. As a direct consequence of this I shall be in pain tomorrow after giving up on the rowing and instead doing too many weights over my limit. “See” I’ll wave painfully at the computer tomorrow “it’s all your fault!”.

J is on another “Why don’t you teach” thing again for me. I would love to teach. I like kids. I think education is immensely important. But as I don’t have all the required credits and would have to go to University to earn a degree, then do post-grad then do whatever which is all time I can afford but would not complete ….. instead they’ll let loose someone who has no more clue about life than I do about varieties of lettuce and give them responsibility.

P’s school. Teacher suddenly went off because she was pregnant. Planned leave. Lots of warnings. School did diddly-squat. What does P now do on a Friday afternoon? Colouring. Like wow…..

I am tired. I am not in a good mood. And I’m hot. Bad combo. Very bad.
I wannabe an eskimo.

Bez’s Madchester Anthems. Bloody good.

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