Village trust – broken

The Police knocked on a door in the village earlier. They’d had a report that someone might have done something. So they knocked on the door. The community is now shattered and trust in the police has fallen to an all-time low.
“I mean” said Mrs Miggins of No.13 “Just because someone told them that someone in there might have done something doesn’t give them the right to go walking up his path and knocking on his door does it?” Mr Wilkin – ex-soldier – agreed “So what if they hadn’t gone and someone has actually done something? That still doesn’t give the Police the right to go running around protecting people does it?”.
A spokesman for the local Constabulary explained that because someone had said something might be done then they had to act because if they hadn’t done something and something had happened then someone would say nothing was done just because we are lowly villagers and not worthy.

He didn’t add this: Oh p*ss off FFS

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