Name stripping

Having said that I have no interest in meeting all but one person from school (is it worth £7.50 to join and hope her email address still works?) I went over to Friends Reunited. No, I don’t know why (yes I do. I’m bored) and I can’t remember going this year but I must have done because the girls ages are up to date. (I wonder if and when D will use a site like that..) I checked my profile. It used to have ‘t a m b a 2 d o t o r g d o t u k ‘ there but they’ve obviously wised up to that and it strips the letters before d o t. So I put it over 5 lines. And it still stripped the t a m b a away. I can’t decide if that’s clever or dumb. What if your nickname was ‘dot’ ? Anyway, I thought of another way to get around the restriction so it’ll do for now. Not that I want to meet anyone but this one woman.

And you know you’ve got a big dog when you see him standing still in the kitchen because he’s looking at his reflection. In the microwave. (He was 1 yesterday 🙂 )

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