First impressions:

  • Nice to see an original developer in the main credits
  • PS2 controller works well
  • No bg music and the wave of sound from the crowd got annoying in the game. That said, it may be there in the full game and I played default options
  • Replay feature is nice
  • I thought there was a problem in that press kick twice and when the ball gets to the next player he automatically kicks. It’s like the key buffer isn’t flushed – but then it might be just me
  • Corners still turn into mad button pressing
  • I still press controller buttons harder thinking they’ll work better

One game. I missed 4 clear opportunites, got 4 yellow cards and it was 0:0. My main gripe is that it’s slow. I don’t mean performance slow – though that could be a factor – I mean game slow. Pedestrian. It’s Sensible Soccer, not FIFA. I want a quick and nippy game. I want more game less realism. (Though they can keep the ref in that I saw – the bald guy with the eyes on stalks). I enjoyed it though 🙂

Sensible Soccer – Demo

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