1. See link
2. Click wheel to open in new tab
3. New tab says ‘Blank Page’
4. ‘Blank Page’
5. ‘Blank Page’
6. ‘Blank Page’
7. ‘Blank Page’
8. ‘Blank Page’
9. ‘Blank Page’
10. ‘Blank Page’
11. ………. might start loading.

What’s it got? Built-in crawling? Driving me nuts. IE7 here I come.

“Opera – the internet. Slowly”

4 thoughts on “Opera

  1. Seeing ads and tabbing.
    FF adblocks as much as I can but times when I do want to see for layout etc Opera because of the tabbing. And it’s still slow. And I can’t get it to check for and use the new page version without the clicking of the icon. I mean – this is 2006! I shouldn’t be clicking anything dammit 🙂

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