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Today is a half-day thanks to a monumental headache and copious amounts of painkillers. Got up, did some work, about threw up so back to bed for hours. Haven’t had a headache like this for ages.

The error logs [L] errors have gone. Must have been me as I removed the .htaccess rules but then the pages did work… odd. Today’s error log is very amusing. Loads of these:
File does not exist: /home/tamba2/public_html/t2/archives/2005/03/09/post-name/trackback
I don’t mean one or two, I don’t mean different IP’s. I means swathes of them, hitting every few seconds all from a few IP’s. The really really funny thing is that these idiots are having a problem with my web address that the first few spammers did – when all the spam started I got none at all while others drowned in the stuff. But then the spammers wised up – and managed to get a capital T there instead.
File does not exist: /home/tamba2/public_html/t2/archives/2005/03/09/
File DOES exist: /home/tamba2/public_html/T2/archives/2005/03/09/
I wonder if I should have just battered the clueless idiots with the cluebat?

And Firefox 2 (aka Bon Echo is looking okay. Spell check is good, close tabs thing is good, better options is good, session restore is good. Blue logo is not (because having FeedDemon, Bon Echo and Thunderbird – still looking for an alternative! – all open means as they are all blue to varying degrees makes the selection that bit slower.

And I just remembered something so I’m off to the FAQ.

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