Using and seeing a web calendar

J is the organising person here. Don’t they say that behind every great man there is ‘woman who does’? Or something like that. She keeps loads on information about appts / dates / times / places and such in her mobile. She also keeps them in a diary but as her handwriting gets worse that is getting harder and more frustrating. But if she lost her phone she’d lose all the info. So I suggested an online calendar. Amazingly, she agreed (J and the Web … no. Only for banking).
Planzo – I’ve got one there somewhere and I dropped it for some reason.
Google – you need to be logged in. The display is cluttered
Webcalendar – needs quite fine mouse control. Input screen is unfriendly.
30 Boxes…… close. In fact, bar one thing it’s actually quite good. The one thing is fairly significant though – if you are visually impaired all their ‘Web 2.0’ themes make it unusable. 3 default themes and not one has got the ‘Contrast control’ used. Which is a shame. J has a calendar there, she has input some information (with a lot of looking at the screen to find out what is where) but really, they should have thought about a demographic outside of the 15-25 age group with 20-20 vision who don’t need to squint at an LCD screen even on the brightest of days. There IS a workround which involves effectively creating a user-content.css but that is a fugly solution to basic accessibility. Here’s me thinking that this ‘Web 2.0’ was all about making things work better. I’ve posted to their forum. I’ll see what they say. I have every expectation that the notion of ‘being able to see things’ will be brushed off. Be nice if that was not the case.

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