Oprah for God!

Her worldwide television show has raised the consciousness of the universe about the critical issues of homelessness, poverty, hunger, race, crime, AIDS, women’s inequality and others. These social conditions greatly hamper world peace. Oprah did not just talk about the issues, but donated large portions of her wealth to eliminate them.

So … she broadcasts to throughout the Solar System. She has identified all the vital issues that affect the universe. I know that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but hey, saying women’s inequality greatly hampers world peace is taking things just a little too far isn’t it? What is this ‘others’ ? Must be a hidden cause because I’ve not heard of it before. And she has given ‘large portions of her wealth’ – so damn what? For most people giving £50 would actually be a greater donation in relative terms than whatever she had given. And that last sentence would imply they have actually gone…..

Oprah for the Nobel Peace Price? Get a bloody grip ffs. http:// oprah4peaceprize. org

What next? QVC for a World Economics award?

2 thoughts on “Oprah for God!

  1. Remember when she gave away as “gifts”, brand new cars to a select group of already wealthy women?

    Now, if that money went to the truly needy that may be another thing. Yes, her giving away several million is same as me giving a nickel.

    She should be given the PIECE prize.


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