How big is yours?

Website that is 🙂
I’ve been moving things from ISP space to here, from to here, from this machine up into here so I’m more likely to remember what is where. And when it’s all organised online I’ll download the lot as a backup. (That sound odd? Whatever). Anyway …. space. If you are on Site5 then you have no worries – after all for your $6.95 a month I’m sure your 10 Terabytes of disk space and 30 Yottabytes of data transfer will suffice (they oversell? No, surely not! Tell me it ain’t so!) but a realistic host will set realistic limits. But then inside those limits how much do we actually use?. As I’m asking…..I’ll show mine first. The blog + gallery + wordpress guides + various files here and there is ~130Mb. That’s not a whole lot. The gallery will cause the fastest expansion in the future too.
How big is your site?

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