BBC digging?

Newsnight piece on Net neutrality / Bram Cohen / Bit torrent. In the middle of that is this:


and that’s a Digg link. Ignore the fact that at the top right of that page are two yellow download buttons. (Neither of which say what they actually DO – it’s assumed that people will know…)
If you get to Digg the author of the BBC piece is there (the digger?) and clicking his name shows 3 other BBC stories that he has dugg.

  1. Why is the BBC into this Digg thing?
  2. Do they actually know? Does it matter?
  3. Isn’t it a bit off to link with a ‘Hear the interview’ when there are already two perfectly decent links on the originating page? That would seem to be duping people especially when they get to the Digg page and see this:

    For extra audio of the interview, BBC Newsnight podcast dated 26 May at:

    so they cannot hear it at all unless they have iTunes in which case they will know what the yellow Podcast button on the originating page was.

Why is this Adam Livingstone using the BBC as a prop to his … ‘career’ ?
I feel a complaint coming on…

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