A fingerwidth

They built a bridge over a wide stream to create the A46 / Junction 21A near us and me and Winston walk under that bridge nearly every day. The bridge may be even on top but underneath the rough concrete pathway is lower at one end than on the other. At one end I reach up and can press my fingers against the bridge. At the other end there is a fingerwidth between the top of my head and the bridge. I have stood up straight there. I have looked up and seen it. Walked along with my fingers on the top of my head and only just felt some of the surface roughness. I know that I can stand under that part of the bridge without fear of banging my head. So why do I tilt my head every time? Or if I make a conscious effort – because it does have to be a deliberate process – to stay standing tall do I tense as if ready for the impending injury? It can’t get me. I can’t get it. So despite my knowing what I do, despite me experiencing what I have I still act in a certain manner. Strange.

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