Super Mario 64 DS – actually not that good

I LOVED SM64 – played it loads, replayed it, got all the stars, did slides in fast times, maxed out stars. You name it, I did it. Then I got the DS version.
This game has me almost at the point of hurling the DS. The camera control is crap (it was bad at times in the original but this is worse), the use of the two screens is poor (I bet it is impossible to complete the game with just touch controls – which makes touch a gimmick), the controls are poor for anyone with a proper sized hand and the ‘cap’ thing is only there so people don’t yell “straight port” at Nintendo. It’s cool they got it into the machine – but then Sony can get big games into the PSP so it’s even – and it’s good to see it but playing it is just really annoying. Not annoying as in “Damn I know I can do that better” but “Damn why didn’t they get the controls right?”. Example: Do a high backward jump. On the N64 – easy. On the DS – not at all. Some levels of SM64 require timing and control – failing because I did it wrong is one thing. Failing because of bad controls is another. Maybe the DS is only aimed at people with small hands (it is from Japan) because right now apart from Meteos I can’t see a single reason to buy another game or even bother with a Lite. I feel blinded by the hype on this one.

Unlike the PSP – for me that delivers on all counts.

5 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 DS – actually not that good

  1. For some reason, I’m exactly the opposite!
    Find Meteos ok, but nothing special (maybe I’ve not played enough to get proper hooked), but I adore SM64… it’s my kind of game I suppose, and I also love the mini games in the rec room.
    Just waiting for New Super Mario Bros… should be a good ‘un!

  2. New Super Mario Bros does look better, not out till the end of June though 🙁

    I do agree about the Mario 64DS being annoying though. I do like playing it again etc, but some of it’s so fiddly and I get a tad angry when I can’t do certain things because of the difficult controls…

  3. Of the top tier games on the DS, SM64DS is the the least innovative. I loved it it had just enough so I dinb’t shout straight port but have a look at any of these for some real fun:

    Advance Wars DS
    Phoenix Wright
    Animal Crossing
    Another Code: Two Memories
    Lost In Blue
    Warioware Twisted(short life though get secondhand)

    I haven’t seen a single PSP game I want to play and hell my brother imported one from Japan so I have had hands on a few.
    Trust me soon you will see the PSP for the underpowered little brother playing PS2 ports with poor ergonomic design it is and realise that the DS is king and be gagging for a Lite.

  4. Advance Wars I have – it’s pretty good.
    Animal Crossing – my girls never stop playing it.

    PSP: Ridge Racer, Lemmings, Wipeout Pure, Outrun, Lumines, Everybody’s Golf. All good – for me anyway.

    DS:…. Meteos

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