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What was something I did some of has morphed into something I do a whole heap more of. What was a machine that I did a lot of a lot on has become a machine I do a lot of less on. And I need to address this. I’m working from (in) home which is nice because the kettle is not so far away, the view down the garden is nice, I can play whatever music I want and there is the added bonus of no inane drivel from people in an office environment that would annoy me. Of course the bad thing is that work never goes away. It’s here in my face all the time.
This is entirely my fault.
It’s not the fault of anyone / anything I am working with / for. The fault lies in me not dividing my time properly and in not prioritising my time better too. The fault lies in my not being able to say “I’m going to play Mame for a coupe of hours and be damned to any problems”. The fault lies in me for letting this grow to a point where I have thought this. Is it a problem? No because I still enjoy what I do. Yes because I’m mentioning it. I jokingly said to J that if I had another computer with dual monitors then I could better use my time. I think I could have convinced her too 🙂
I wrote yesterday (I think) that ‘I need an office’ but an office is a state of mind as much a state of furniture. When I (one day I’ll stop harking back to my days in the NHS – I’m sure I must sound like Uncle Albert) biked in to work as a nurse I would mentally organise the day/ tasks. On the way home I’d think about home. At work if you asked me about the Mental Health Act or side effects of Zyprexa I could tell you in detail. At home I’d stumble. I had a ‘workhead’ and a ‘homehead’. That was useful (or so I thought until I imploded). But now I just have the one thing. Bad? I don’t know. Bother me? Yes and no. Bother me a lot? No. What it comes down to is me giving me permission to slack off a bit. Can I do that? Yes. Could I be told to do that? No – telling wouldn’t work. Will I do that? Now that is the question…
No it’s not … the question is why am I thinking this in the first place. Balance. I need to be sure there is balance – and I can only be sure of that by examining what is going on, where time is needed, where time is wanted, where time would be liked. Sitting here now ….. I’d like more on the right of that equation but so do you. I’m no different to you. But I am different because I can change things. I can move more minutes one way by using them better on the other side. I should be working more efficiently. Smarter not harder (as I heard once while tweaking issues over the desk before running them up the flagpole to see whch way the wind would blow). This working ‘from (in the) home’ is actually a lot harder than it looks – but I really do enjoy what I do and I have already found ways to work better. Flexitime. That sounds good. Flexitime and a dual monitor setup would greatly improve things. And a better chair. I’ll talk to J … 🙂

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  2. Time stops for no man.It is perpetual and infinite even for you Mark 🙂 SOme how I get a vision of Mark sat at his curved desk with a whole bank of monitors. That’s 5 of them! and you would still want more still want more. Ever thought of cloning?

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