No shelf.

and J is the tidy freak. I described to someone recently that when I got a glass from the cupboard I noticed a smear on it – and ended up washing every glass in the cupboard. They remarked that such was the behaviour of your typical bipolar on the upswing – I just said I like clean glasses. I’m not a clean freak freak – I just like clean. J likes tidy – if it’s in it’s place that’ll do for her. I’ve had to learn the tidy bit for obvious reasons but I’m not quite there yet. I do all the cleaning though – and and damn fine job I do even if I say so myself. J said the bathroom needed a shelf. I puzzled about this while sat downstairs. She described what shelf she wanted, where, why. I was still puzzled. I go upstairs and look in the bathroom. I see some (girls) clothes that missed the laundry basket, more than 1 hair conditioner open, more than 1 shampoo / shower gel open, numerous little bottles with various colours of lotions / potions and gels, funny shaped soaps in garish colours which will never be used and probably shouldn’t be, the shower radio and other female acoutrements on the window sill and existing basin / bath shelves, a fluffy cushion (!) and some soft fluffy towels (I want ‘towels by izal’). I can’t see the slightest excuse to wield my power tools – in fact doing so would make dust and this would otherwise disrupt exactly the sort of bathroom I expect to see in this family. It would worry me to see it any other way. There will be no shelf.

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