A face and some stone

My philosophy of ‘take dozens of pictures and hope like hell for 1 good one’ failed drastically today. Photographing buttercups in the sunshine is a lot harder than it looks if you want more than a bright yellow blob. Toward the end of that walk Winston started rubbing his face. When we got back his cheeks were red. Within 20 minutes his face had doubled in size – and on a Great Dane that’s a lot of face. More piriton given, vets called – they remain sure it’s a food thing. Hmm….. needs ruling out though. Have I mentioned that a couple of months ago we saw a white boxer dog? Very odd.

Work continues apace, as does plotting new things at FreshlyPressed and I really really want some stone for my lobes – 19mm / 22mm …. but I want too many. Crazy Lace Agate, Greenstone Tunnels, Grey Quartz plugs, Howlite, Obsidian, Petrified Coral ….and that’s only in the one section …

5 thoughts on “A face and some stone

  1. Jayne will remember boomer the white boxer that lived near by.Also I spotted another pure white boxer down the road, complete with full tail now that was strange looking. Boxer dogs are great pets.
    New things at Fresslypressed? me goes to read…

  2. Wow, Mark, he’s just like a sensitive kid. A little pollen and there he goes.

    Have you thought about a raw food diet? It sounds really gross, but it’s not as expensive as those allergy-free dog chows and it cleared up our poodle’s allergies. (He used to get ear infections and skin rashes). It’s what our bulldog is on.

  3. I have a 4 yr. old white boxer. they are the best dogs. very loyal & smart. also, they love children. they make the best pet list every where. they’re love of kids is amazing. she is my baby, brings so much joy to our family. big lap babies. thanks for letting me share

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