The crumpling dog

Winston needed the vet today as the investigations into his skin problems continue. Today was a delightfully termed ‘skin scrape’. (Did I mention we have to take him vet last Saturday? £80 JUST to be seen, Another 50% on top for treatment that day. Insurance. Wise move – and yes we have). So in we go. He likes it there as it’s a social event more than anything else. It appeared they had geared a significant amount of their day around Winston because – as the vet put it – he’s too big for the kennels. Vet gets the sedative prepared. He decides to go for a vein shot rather than into muscle. He gives the jab and easily within 30 seconds Winston just folds to the floor. More than 11st of strong young dog is rendered insensible in an astonishingly small amount of time. (If only I’d had access to similar options as a nurse when someone was freaking at me……). It’s now some 6 hours later and he still looks zonked. The food / allergy diet starts again soon ……..

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