Slapping the bird

Down to 5 emails addresses now with 1 as a backup. Lots of forwarding and an account that I’ll kill off in a couple of months. TB still runs with a daft amount of memory. Dafter thing is that I don’t NEED the memory freeing – if I did I’d exit the program. Just me and my little ways. Got halfway to understanding how in.scribe works but until I can get automatic bcc /cc in there it’s a no go. Need that function.

(This post title will show up for some odd reasons….)

Dual pane file manager – very useful.

Saw a rainbow when I was out with the dog. I stood and looked at it. I don’t mean glanced, stared, saw – I mean I really stood and looked at it, the colours, the curve, the fading, the brilliance. I don’t recall ever having paid that much attention to one before. They are really wonderful to look at. If the M1 hadn’t been in the way the pot of gold would have looked good too 🙂

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