Space juggling

Those really nice people at Zen sent me an automated email yesterday saying I’d used half my bandwidth allocation this month. I’m in the 20GB/mo slot and as it’s the 21st I wasn’t bothered. I did wonder how I’d got there though. I found out about it earlier – I’ve filled the HD. Bugger. And I don’t have the power cable for the backup HD. Bugger bugger. Went to the other machine and disc 2 (80Gb) on there has only a couple of gig free – my housekeeping has been amiss …. – so after some considerable juggling I have freed some space and I really really need my backup HD back on soon. Like tomorrow. And then it’s time to take a good look at just what is where, why, what needs backing up etc etc.

And Zen…. actually making your bandwidth usage information visible to me would be really neat. I can’t find it despite your little guide. I’ve looked 3 times.

Oh – transferring around 6Gb of data over wireless takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.

2 thoughts on “Space juggling

  1. Mark to find your usage, login to Zen portal then “my services” you should see boxes with a little + sign. You need to click + for the very first order id. Usually the bottom of the list. Look to the far right side of the displayed box under Product services you should see a blue view button. Click it. You should now be on a page named “Order specific functionality” Then under “Broadband Account Usage” you should see your usage at the top of that page.

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