Bad bird

Thunderbird is annoying me hugely right now. Yesterday it decided that it wanted to use a cached password from sometime ago (a problem which before resulted in my completely removing and reinstalling TB) and despite clearing every password – annoying in itself (if only I used 1 password for everything online would be so much simpler…) it refused to accept a new password. Eventually after much cursing it did. Then today it decides the smtp sender is wrong. But it isn’t. Change smtp .. works then stops. Stupid program. So I want another. Outlook isn’t on the agenda. Roundmail looks really nice but it can’t filter and do more which is hardly a criticism given it’s young status. Things like Eudora, Mulberry, OE, Calypso, The Bat I’ve tried and disliked so I’m leaning toward Horde. Webmail. When I don’t need to even use Webmail. Given the niceness that is Mozilla Firefox, why is Mozilla Thunderbird so damn clunky? Right now, 4 tabs FF is ~70MB usage. Thunderbird is ~58MB. The numbers themselves mean little as the system can handle it but that much? Maybe I haven’t found Thunderbird Lite .. must go look.

4 thoughts on “Bad bird

  1. I had the same problem. Out of all the email clients available, it was Eudora that satisfied all of my needs… well, until I converted to Mac. Now, Apple Mail does the job and Entourage for office emails.

    I hope you find a good email client.

  2. Funny, I went from The Bat to Thunderbird to Gmail, back to Thunderbird and now I’m using Horde.

    Main reason I’ve ended up back at Horde (aside from the fact that I do want to get to my email in a few different places) is that I wanted more than just email – I like having my calendar and a place for notes in the same application. I’m still waiting for a Thunderbird-based solution that will do that.

    Horde does it for me – it really is an amazing thing. The only things I’ve found its missing so far is filtering on mail that isn’t in the Inbox, auto-expiring on folders (a much under-valued option, IMHO) and viewing of HTML mail inline (which, despite my best attempts, I still manage to receive a fair bit of). But some of the features it does have (searching mail, address auto-completion, multiple personalities, decent calendar) are truly amazing for a webmail client.

  3. Horde – I have 10 email addresses across 7 domains. I can’t work out how 1 horde fits, and I have a feeling it doesn’t.

    Eudora I’m pondering.

    I bought inscribe earlier ($20 so was inside my ‘just do it’ budget) but it is – so far – impossible to figure out.

    I really am starting to dislike TB though.

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