Mycrapola – domain registrar

GetDotted / Myfreeola.
“Hey, let’s ignore a changed DNS and flip it away…… okaaay…. yep, that seems to have caught a few nameservers sooooo flip it back! Yay!! .. hang on ….. aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddd…… flip it back again – this is so cool! I bet his site is rocking back and forth, I bet his email is all over the place – woah will he be laughing at this!”
Like f* I will. Twats. Just wait until you read your email (sent from Google so it WILL get there).

GetDotted? GetF***** more like.

One thought on “Mycrapola – domain registrar

  1. I doubt you want to hear this but 123-reg appear to have got their automatic domain renewal working again (at least they automatically renewed my last one, I deliberately let it go to see what happened).

    123-reg won’t charge you to move .uk domains back in either, though I believe GetF***** will charge you for moving them out.

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