Early morning rambling

A post to the .org forums has prompted me to do something I’ve been contacted several times about – importing blogger posts for people whose host does not have curl (or cURL or CURL or however it’s spelt). So there is a blog, they have full access to it, they import, they use the backup plugin to get the sql file and then I nuke the db afresh. Easy. Tell people 🙂

I looked what phentermine actually was given that it is prominent in the spam – it’s some sort of diet pill. What surprised me is that despite all the spam the millions of spams, 3rd place on a Google for phentermine is an LJ page which doesn’t even have the term on show. See? Blogging will overcome!

Took Winston to the vet Friday as he appeared really ill. £128 later we were assured he wasn’t too bad. Expensive or what?

Made a photo CD for J earlier (yesterday given it’s 04:29 as I type) so she could see everywhere me and Winston wander to. She’s seen a lot on this machine but the TV is better and the resolution wasn’t too bad. My philosophy of taking many where a pro would take a few has paid off too – some very good pics came out.

30 more minutes and I can go bed. Roll on 5am… crap – the birds have just started the dawn chorus outside.

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