Get yer blog condoms on

There has been the demise of Blue Security because of their anti-spam measures and now companies associated with Blue Security are themselves taken out. (src: Slashdot) Looks like the spammers rule the internet eh?
Broadband – it’s not find crap faster. It’s get crap thrown at you faster. I can and do Adblock, use customisegoogle and RIP so I hardly ever see junk. I see not a lot of comment spam. Thunderbird and whatever it is on the server do a good job of spotting and removing the crap. But all that’s no use if there is no server, no pipe, nowhere to go is it?
“Please… someone spam me then I’ll know my line is working”
Which all leads straight into the “Let’s rule the internet OUR way” and you don’t need a brain the size of a planet to know where I and thousands of others would be pointing. Strange isn’t – the US Attorney General wants to know if you have searched for words that could indicate porn but he seems not to give a flying f*ck (ha ha) about the spammers sending out tons of garbage. Priorities…

Incidentally, yesterday Akismet took down just over 2 million spams. You do have Akismet, Bad-behavior and Spam Karma doing their bit for you don’t you?

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