BBC and a raft

Came across a link at the BBC for ‘hi-res film downloads’ which seemed rather neat. Clicking around finds that I need IE to get it, WMP to play it, a ‘small download’ to get it too and just to be sure I won’t burst my HD it’ll delete the programs for me. How considerate! Keep reading …. it’s a download using a program called Kontiki. If you google ‘Kontiki DRM’ you will get “Gamespot’s “Download Manager” Hides Spyware, DRM” as #1. How reassuring! Reading around some more, it seems Sky have already tried this and effectively used paying customers bandwidth as a distribution mechanism – and some will not have known. How economic! And just to put the tin lid on it, if you want to get rid of the software, the BBC accept no responsibility at all if the nukes your computer even though they say you must have it to get the films. How …
So, would I like to download these short films? Yes. Will I? Not a chance. Will I keep an eye on the right places for a way to strip Kontiki’s DRM from these films? Hell yes. And would I then tell anyone about it? You can bet on it.

One thought on “BBC and a raft

  1. You’re right on! There’s so much of that crap out there, all this cool stuff for free, but then you need certain downloads to view it or use it etc…and just when you’re not looking you get wasted with spyware and all that other junk. It’s frustrating even for the savvy peeps out there and for those not so savvy…well they have my empathy! – Peace

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