Folders move .. wtf?

Internet does not connect when I first logon.
Go to the router page – using password – and reboot
Hijackthis says nothing is wrong and maybe there isn’t.

Note that YzDock has not started. Go to My Documents.
There should be a whole heap of files there. I have My Music, My Pictures. That is all.
Check recycle bin, check other program location. Nothing. It’s all just gone.

Click the ‘WordPress’ shortcut in the Start Menu. That finds that folder – and everything else – here:
C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\NetHood\My Documents
Now how the hell did all that stuff get moved to \NetHood\ ?
Avast finds nothing. Spybot finds nothing. And wouldn’t something malicious just delete not hide?

I didn’t do it……

Edit: I remove shortcut arrows. They have reset to system default…. weird.

Edit again: Logs are fine, all looks good, no bad code anywhere. Which must only mean that somehow I did it. How? I have no idea but given I only found it this morning and I was using programs in that directory last night it must have happened late and when I was tired. What’s curious is that copying back ~6GB of data took some time so how didn’t I see that?
Whatever – the moment of the morning was probably the look on my face when I clicked ‘My Documents’ …..

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