Council Intrusion

Council agrees on home smoke ban

The near-total ban even applies to people who receive home visits – they will now get letters asking them not to smoke in front of council staff.

What? Telling people what they can do in their own homes?

We had someone around yesterday. Said he has a dog phobia – why is he allowed to visit homes then? What’s he going to do – sue me because the dog barked? FFS this stuff is all just crazy. Beyond crazy.

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6 thoughts on “Council Intrusion

  1. Yeah but when they enter your home it becomes their work place and as your post says it just asks you to not smoke when they are there which is reasonable in my opinion.
    Note: If they do it fully and as you work at home it would be illegal to smoke in the area you have defined as your work space.
    It’s not that I hate smokers(there are some really cute ones out there), I just hate smelling like shit and having my throat torn apart by cigarette smoke when I don’t even smoke, and it is not a bloody human right by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. So….. I decide to build a barn on teh top of a windswept moor. I’m there one day and it’s windy. I’m smoking. Council bloke tells me I must stop smoking? Eh? No way…. hell – what if he is upwind and that there is not a chance in hell he’ll smell it let alone get smoke around him. That means I break the law?

    It does not become their workplace at all. I have permitted them access to my home with my rules. They are a guest and if they do not like that they can discuss meeting elsewhere.

    I don’t smoke and I don’t like it either but this rule/law/dictat is beyond what is reasonable.

  3. Heh, and I thought all the anti-smoke “nazis” are in Manitoba (Canada). I am glad you guys have your own morons, too.
    On the other hand I am scared: I have spent almost forty years of my life in a totalitarian dictatorship, and now the whole world is going toward that direction…
    An un-inhabitated island maybe? With a female Friday…?

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