Stupid spammer

On the is the trac wiki. A spammer visits and leaves a shed load of spam on a variety of pages and it’s hidden to the viewer with the right html tags. A couple of months ago I cleaned some up. Several days later it reappeared. I cleaned that too. One day as I’m doing this the Recent Changes page was moving too rapidly for my work – as I’m removing it, the spammer is following and replacing. At that point I created a page ‘SpammerloseIwin’. Spammer disappeared and I finished the cleaning. I also then alter my new page so it sat on the top of the recent changes list. It’s the marker. A quick glance every few days and I can check what is going on. I just did again and saw what has happened a few times – spammer has hit several pages (about 2 dozen) but has left my marker page where it was a few days ago – all his changes now show under a different date but my page is on the date I last changed things. Idiot. At the very very least he should see the order of at least the top 5 changes that I leave and then mimic them. The date would give it away eventually but I only really check for my marker. How dumb must that spammer be?

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