The BBC are still f* clueless

Illegal drugs ‘common’ on wards

BBC survey suggests there is a laissez faire attitude to drug use in NHS mental health trusts.

They would be the first to have a pop at any survey that was not objective and representative. Their data ? Nowhere to be seen. Why? Because some idiot did it from the BBC offices over the phone and rang about 4 hospitals probably.

one major study finding that psychiatric patients with drugs problems kill up to 32 people every year.

UK Murders: March 2003 – March 2004 = 853
3,508 people were killed on Britain’s roads in 2003
Let’s get the numbers in some sort of perspective.

Oliver Treacy, borough director for Mental Health Services for Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust, admitted: “It is quite common that patients will use drugs on wards.

“It can make patients worse and it can actually introduce a sense of desperation and violence.”

Isn’t it your job to to something about it then?

“It prompted us to address this issue and bring in procedures and policies that bring it to the situation we are in today, which is the impression that we are managing the situation.”

My italics. Shouldn’t he actually be making sure it is managed?

Chris, who is currently detained on a ward in London after being diagnosed with bi-polar depression, which means he suffers from violent mood swings.

Here we go again. Bipolar = violence. Fucking bullshit. When will the pathetic excuse for journalism at the BBC get a bloody grip and actually do some proper bloody reporting??

The BBC’s Matthew Chapman is a clueless frigging idiot who has done nothing but sensationalise a topic which could have been of some use. Mr Chapman, you are a dickhead of the highest order.

2 thoughts on “The BBC are still f* clueless

  1. “which means he suffers from violent mood swings.”

    I actually interpreted this differently to you. I saw ‘violent mood swings’ as meaning extreme or severe mood swings; not implying that the mood swings resulted in violence.

    I think it would be correct though to say that this is worded a bit ambiguously.

  2. It’s the ambiguity which is damning.
    The BBC carry programs about the stigma of mental health. They have a section on their website about that same subject. And yet this single piece of ‘journalism’ – which made the front page of the UK section – reinforces the stereotype that people with mental health problems are violent. It wasn’t just a poor choice of word – bipolar disorders are way more than those 3 words.
    Chapman should be forced to apologise for that whole article – it was biased from the start and sought only to portray those with a mental health problem as drug users and drug users that the NHS felt unable to deal with.
    On a very minor scale there will be problems but for the BBC to paint that picture as it has done is a disgrace.

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