Wiki attention

Remembered I'd got a bookmark to my under-loved wiki so tidied a few things up there and headed over to the main PmWiki site. I've been using a Basecamp thing as a Todo which has done a pretty good job of making me do things – PmWiki now has a Todo recipe. It's also got a Calender recipe. It's still a very very good wiki program too. And I've finally figured out how to not let anyone but me see what's in it. Neat

Killfiles. I use a fair number of mail filters like most people I guess but I kill no mail – stuff like SpamAssassin and other server stuff is something I've never looked at and probably won't as Thunderbird does a good enough job at picking the crap out (plus that server stuff looks complex). But Usenet …… there was a filter I used to use which would tell you the number of headers, download everything THEN run the filter. So if dickweed troll had posted 100 times you'd see that number appear, download then disappear. It became an annoyance because it was a constant reminder that you were killfiling. So the rules I used / linked to below are wonderful – killfiled without a trace. Sure I see responses sometimes but as those responses contain – for the most part – mockery of the OP I'm up for reading them.

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