Knocking. No.

Microsoft get slammed very very regularly for advising people that they need to update their machines. It’s almost a standing joke with many people – despite the fact that every OS needs updating (okay you say, not as frequently but whatever). In this case, Microsoft need to take a leaf from Apple’s version of “Security Update” – Apple offers QuickTime, Front Row, Security updates. That page includes the words important release that delivers numerous bug fixes, highly recommended, corrects bugs, improves the security of the following components (repeated a few times).
I believe that when I am offered something I am free to decline and continue on my way. So do Apple it seems – otherwise wouldn’t they use slightly stronger words and put the word Security at the beginning of their proclamation / offer / release? Microsoft need to learn from this sort of thing – make people think they are getting a cool freebie (“Look more free code!!!!”). Am I kicking Apple again? I have no idea – it’s the language – and the perception/adulation/gratitude that people seem to have – go read the comments on that article. Though it’s no doubt the screaming fanboys in there with the “I have to applaud Apple” (FFS get a bloody grip) and hopefully most other Apple users will sigh and go through the hoops – just like us Windows users do.
But that language is important…

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