FeedDemon just went off after finding all the TongCasts 🙂 (and thanks to Simon and Claire for responding after my last post). So that's some rowing sounds booked in. I thought I'd got Moyles on the Zen when I got there today ….. I used random play instead so I got bored after 31 minutes which was 6000m. I will do 6000 in 30 minutes – it's the next goal. Faster not further. And despite the fact I wear gloves (because my hands get sweaty and the grip goes and then I have to move my hands about and that means I start to realise just how long I've been on it even though the time is right in front of me) I've blistered my fingers. Bad form. What with that and a blister on my right foot …. if I was Seb Coe I'd be given the summer off. (Whatever happened to Steve Ovett? I assume he's gone on to a decent life instead of joining a lying bunch of politicians)

Fish. Beast is on a fish/rice diet for 6 weeks. Suspected allergies. He's already cost a stack and this just adds to that. Big dog, big bills…

Must be thunder nearby – flickering electrics. I love thunderstorms, lightning and everything like that. It's at times like this I wish was near someone I really disliked. I'd give them a metal coathanger and make them go stand in a field 🙂

Back to being busy …… it's only 18:30 ……….

2 thoughts on “Blisterfish

  1. faster not further is my mantra too. 6 and a half miles in less than 25 mins at the moment…without changing bikes or getting a dedicated traffic free route I doubt I’ll ever improve on about 20 mins. Oh well. Keep going with your quest!

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