On an evening off…

I shall wait until J and the girls have gone bed then watch this.

I loved Final Fantasy VII – every part was wonderful from the sad parts (Aeris dying) through to the Chocobo breeding and racing. The minigames in the Saucer were fantastic.

I’ve played 8 and own 9 and 10 which are pretty much unplayed as yet but 8 was just that bit too different for me to entirely be happy with. I was never really happy with the Card game in 8 and it felt wrong – bad word ….. felt not in step – so I didn’t sit and lose the number of hours that I did with 7. I can’t entirely remember any events that needed tidying at the end but thats more due to time and my memory – luckily there is a synopsis of the game/events so I’ll not be completely jumping into the dark. Though as I type I’m remembering little snippets of the game and things you needed to do (I always got lost in the snow). And for as much as I played this and got involved with it not only have I not really got into the sequels but neither do I play other types of similar games.

Maybe it will always be the best for me and as such can never be bettered.

I still have memory cards with game saves at crucial points .. maybe I’ll watch this and go play the game all over again…….

Edit: It’s 01:14. Think of all the words that are synonyms of wonderful, captivating, fantastic, just plain damn great. And you’ll come close. I loved every minute 🙂

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